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Board & Train

Board & Train - Patty's Charm School for Dogs   $595/week


Budget Option: $55/day for boarding includes 30 min/day training or $385/week

especially good for long-term stays and modifying anxiety issues or new puppies

  • Don't have the time or patience to train your dog manners?
  • Going on vacation or having surgery?
  • Do you have a new puppy and forgot how much work they are?
  • Does your dog need a refresher course?

It is far easier to work with your dog if he/she already knows the basics well, and how to learn, communicate and understand the human species. When you and your dog are BOTH learning new things at the same time, it can be frustrating. But if your dog is already trained and I just need to show you how to follow through, working with your dog can be joyous.


This is by far the most economical and fastest way to get your dog trained. Economical because you are basically charged for an hour of training a day, when in reality your dog is getting 24 hours of learning to be well-mannered within my pack (your dog lives in my house, not outside in a kennel). Owner training 101 is required first. You will learn what we learned and how to follow-through. Many people use this service when they travel or have surgery; why not have Fido learn something and be in a loving home environment while they're away instead of being boarded in a kennel?


One week program: Your dog/puppy will have multiple training sessions a day, and lots of free time and play time in the house and backyard. The basics will be taught and reinforced: Sit, Name Game (attention), beginning Stay and Come when Called, and Leave it.


Two week program: The basics above will be reinforced with added distractions and difficulty, and the addition of Loose Leash walking.


Note: Depending on what we discover in your prerequisite Owner Training #101 session, we may customize the training program to your needs.


Dates fill quickly, so call early if this option interests you (and if your dog qualifies).  You MUST fill out and email/bring a copy of the contract; you may download the Board & Train contract here . Most holidays OK for Board and Train clients. All dogs must be up-to-date on vaccinations, heartworm medication, kennel cough, and be free of fleas and other parasites. No unneutered males over 6 months of age, or unhousetrained dogs, except puppies here for basic training. This service is mainly for basic training and obedience. Occasionally I will take a dog with aggression issues at additional cost, depending on the issue and amount of time required.


Please remember that your furry family member is a thinking, feeling individual just like you are, and learning styles vary. Some dogs may speedily aquire the new skills and be eager for more, and some dogs need more coaxing, for whatever reason. Dogs are not computers that can be programmed with an exact predictable outcome. I push the envelope when necessary (which is often!) but never force as this can backfire later. I work with your individual dog as his/her speed.


I can teach them all of their basics; your job is to follow through and continue to reinforce what they have learned. If not, you may notice within a few short weeks it will be as if they never learned in the first place. Once they learn the basics at Patty's Charm School, your job will be much easier, but you must let them know that the rules are the same at your house as they were at school.


"Okay--you can tell us the truth now.  Did you perform a lobotomy on Rocky, or did you switch him for an identical well-behaved, calm labradoodle? The transformation has been astounding.  He lapses occasionally, but in the main, his behavior and responses to commands has improved 110%. We can't thank you enough!
p.s.  If the people who got the real Rocky want their dog back, tell them we moved to Guatemala.".

Mary & Jack, Oden

"I thought I made a big mistake getting a puppy at my age; she was wild! I was ready to give her away. What a difference you made in 7 days; I was so proud of how much she learned that I invited people over to show her off! " B.T.  Charlevoix

"I can't get over what a change in Milly; can you come to Florida with us?"  (answer: sure!)


"OMG!! He's not the same dog! He is so calm and relaxed. I never thought you'd be able to crate train him after all this time in my bed, but he marched right in and slept through the night. The cleaning lady also remarked on how much better he was. Thank you SOOO much. I'm not using the kennel anymore; he's staying with you! I can see that I'm the one who needs training more than he does now!

Some people are concerned that if they have me train their puppy, he won't bond with them. No need to worry; he won't forget you! Although he'll be spending alot of time with me and my dogs, we're only together a relatively short time. He's more likely to miss playing with my dogs than me! Board & Train is a combination summer camp and boot camp- lots of fun, but serious training, too. He/she needs to follow the rules of the house, like sit for everything, no jumping, no furniture, no door-dashing, etc.

We couldn't be more pleased! Princess came home a different dog. And to think our vet and boarding facility recommended putting her down. We now know it was our own behavior that created this, and it will be hard not to spoil her so much, but we'll continue training. We have hope now and love our dog more than ever. Thank you Patty!!    B.R., Cheboygan

We can't get over the number of compliments we've been getting on Molly's behavior greeting visitors and heeling-she's a totally different dog. I used to be embarrassed taking her for walks, now everyone comments on my well-behaved dog- I've NEVER gotten compliments on any of my dogs, so I'm beaming. Those 10 days with you totally changed her. We can't wait to go away again! T.C., Charlevoix


Sleepovers (Boarding only) - $30/nt (less for long stays; only for a couple of dogs I have worked with)



Again, your dog is housed inside my home and plays with my dogs and other boarding dogs. I charge the same or slightly more than kennels because they live in my home, not a kennel, so someone is with them overnight, and some even sleep with me (with your approval, of course). Their owners love it for the personal touch, and the dogs think they're at camp- no separation anxiety here! Please call to arrange dates. You MUST fill out and email/bring a copy of the contract; you may download the Boarding paperwork here .

As my dogs are on special diets, and yours may also, please bring enough food to last his/her stay. And of course, they must be up-to-date on all puppy vaccinations including bordatella (kennel cough), heartworm medication, and be free of fleas and other parasites. Add $20/nt for however many days you would like your dog leash-walked for 30+ minutes. No unneutered males over 6 months  of age or unhousetrained dogs (except puppies here for basic training.)


$30/nt for 24 hours or less; $28 for 7 days or more; $25 for 21 days or more

No drop-offs before 8:45am; if you need to leave earlier, please schedule drop-off for the night before. Rates are calculated on a 24 hr basis; any time past 24 hours is charged Daycare rates (see below).  For example if you drop Chloe the lab off at noon and pick her up a week later at 7pm, the rate would be $30 x 7, plus $20 for the 7 hours of the last day.

" I wouldn't have Coco stay anywhere else. She always comes home so well-behaved, and I relax the whole time knowing she's in good hands. You're an angel!"       E.C., Charlevoix



Doggie Daycare- $18-20/day ( limited to 1 or 2 approved dogs  per day that I have worked with)

This is great for dogs who need more exercise and socialization in a structured home environment. Going to Traverse City for the day? Need to get a project done? Don't know anyone with dogs for socialization? Your dog will have a great time and come home exhausted! And no bad behaviors will be reinforced!

Drop-offs after 9am, pick-up time is flexible. $20/day for high-energy large puppies/dogs up to 4 years; $18 for older dogs under 15 lbs. Click here for Daycare/Boarding Contract. The average for high energy dogs here for 7 hours is less than $3/hr!