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Separation Anxiety

This is a common and serious disorder that can cause alot of destruction and/or stress for you and your dog. This session will help determine if your dog's problem is true separation anxiety or one of several related disorders. We will set up an initial program for you and your dog. Many times all that's needed is this one session which includes Owner Training #101 (see above) plus the additional time to implement a program. I will work with your vet if necessary, as sometimes medication is used short-term in conjunction with behavior modification.

Session is approximately 2.5 hours and is $175.00.

"We just cannot believe the difference you helped us make with our 8 year old dog. He was totally destroying our house, and our marriage. My husband came along reluctantly, but that made all the difference as he totally understood why punishing and getting frustrated were just making Jackson worse. Together, we did EVERYTHING you said, and it's hard to believe, but we can leave him loose at home now and come home to NO destruction and a calm dog. I wish we had found you much sooner- thank goodness our vet told me about you. THANK YOU for saving out family (and house!) "  A.M., Lewiston


"We are just so pleased with the progress he has made thanks to your suggestions. Truthfully, I was ready to return him to rescue- his separation anxiety was so severe we were prisoners of the house. You were so thorough, and gave us lots to work on. It has actually been pleasurable doing the protocol. He's really a different dog, and with the collar we've been able to leave him with no poop or destruction- that is HUGE! We're so glad we decided to drive the distance; it was worth it!"