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New Puppy Starting Out Right

This session is similar to Owner Training 101, but is a private session for families and their puppies from 6-14 weeks, and adds all the info necessary for your new fluffy baby.If you need help with housetraining, biting, jumping, and/or just want to start training your puppy (and yourselves-remember alot of this is Owner training!), this is the session for you. Again, I encourage the entire family to come.

Many people cannot attend puppy class for whatever reason: schedule, concern for disease before full vaccination, individual concerns. I also have many people do this session and other private sessions while they wait for puppy class to begin, or concurrently. I can't stress it enough: the more early training and socialization you give your puppy now, the fewer problems you'll encounter later as your pup matures. The average age of surrender to shelters is 8-15 months, and the major reason is behavior problems. These are adolescent dogs that were not trained. Train your puppy, please?! I like to see you and your puppy within a few days of being in their new home; 8 weeks is an optimal time for training.


2 hr  (average)$150; $15 each 15 minutes extra


Special New Puppy Package: includes 2 hr New Puppy private session PLUS 4 weeks Puppy Class: $230 for a total of 6+ hours of training! OR, Private New Puppy Session PLUS 2 additional private sessions scheduled at your convenience $260


**** For a FREE copy of Dr. Dunbar's book "Before You Get Your Puppy" , click here . (also highly recommended for new puppy owners!) *****

"We watched the Dog Whisperer™ on TV, but we must not have done it right because it just made things worse. You explained what was going on and showed us effective methods for the everyday person. People should be required to take this session [New Puppy Starting Out Right] when they get a puppy; we learned so much! And the classes were so much fun. Besides learning new things each week and watching the puppies grow, we made great friends- it was our favorite night of the week. Please offer Level 3!"  A.D., Ellsworth