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Articles & Recommended Links

Articles & Recommended Links-


I am constantly adding to this- Check back!


Petoskey News-Review column(3rd Saturday of the month)

April 2013  You KNOW Your Dog is a Teenager When...

Mar 2013  Dog Trainer FAQs

Jan 2013 Housetraining Tips

May 2012 Doggie Zen: Taking Treats Nicely (or how to fix "alligator mouth")

April 2012 Life as a dog trainer. Announcing Dog Trainer training/apprentice program

March 2012 Fido Stay! How to teach your dog to STAY.

Feb. 2012 How to Create a Velcro Dog (preventing Separation Anxiety)

Jan.2012 How to stop your dog from Jumping

Nov. 2011 Chicken treat recall and homemade turkey dinner for your dog

Oct. 2011 Chew Chew Train - What do to if your dog chews. Yes, even the trainer's puppy is "guilty"!

July 2011 Turbo-Charge Your Dog's Food; adding "people food"; oh my!

June 2011 Do your breed research before getting a puppy & other tips. Includes Youtube of my new puppy and her first training!

May 2011 - Who's Walking Whom? Using head- halters (Gentle Leader or Halti) as training tools

April 2011 Managing Your Multi-Dog Household. If one dog is good, is having more better?

Dec. 2010 Dog Trainer's Favorite Things of the Year; my annual list of helpful products & services

Aug 2010 That Bone is Mine! Dogs that guard food, toys, people, etc.

March 2010 Sit; The Magic Word; Solve a lot of behavior problems with one cue!

March 2009 Treating an Aggressive Lab


Dog Food - as many of you know I am very big on nutrition for both health and behavior.

My favorite site for looking up foods for ratings and ingredients: DOG FOOD ADVISOR.


Shop Amazon Dog Food Storealt  get great prices on Dehydrated Raw Foods shipped directly to your house. Just add water and feed alone or top your kibble. HIGHLY recommended! You can't do better for your dog than an evolutionary diet with meat and veggies.



New Puppy info- excellent resource: free videos, articles and downloadable book called "Before You Get Your Puppy", written by famous vet behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar. It's actually good for right when you get your puppy and those first few weeks. Need housetraining help? Click here!


How NOT to pick a Rescue Dog by Grisha Stewart - excellent article


Watch this funny TV sitcom clip on using positive reinforcement for people! It works!!

Click here to view