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Emotional Clearing


Energy Healing for Animals

- a Revolutionary way to resolve behavior issues


**Stay tuned- I am getting certified in "The Emotion Code" and will be asking for volunteer subjects (animal & human) in June **


This is the most exciting development in my training practice; I am so excited to be able to help so many more animals!


Does your loved companion suffer from any of these that don't resolve with training and behavior modification?:

  • Dog-dog aggression or reactivity
  • Anxiety-general and specific
  • Extreme fears & phobias
  • Abandonment- strays & shelter dogs
  • Timidity, shyness, withdrawal
  • Depression - illness, new baby
  • Abuse and traumas of all kinds- even if unknown such as in rescue dogs
  • Household stress: Divorce, death
  • Grief: loss of another pet or human
  • Obsessive-compulsive behaviors: licking, shadows, flies, etc.


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Energy healing is becoming more popular and accepted with humans either alone or in conjunction with conventional treatments. Now Patty Crichton is offering Energy Healing for animals as a cutting-edge treatment technique for a wide variety of behavior problems, such as fear, anxiety, and aggression.


Patty observed that although training and behavior modification protocols definitely helped, in some cases the animal was still triggered, reactive, or uncomfortable. It occurred to her that the dog had indeed learned new coping techniques, but the underlying emotion was still there which was the root of the problem. Using energy healing to quickly release trapped or stuck emotions was the "missing link".


"This is what sets me apart from other trainers. Now I am combining my "regular" training with emotional clearing with stunning, (some say miraculous) results. I've been using these revolutionary techniques on many different issues, and am very pleased with the results. Some recent examples are: serious dog-dog aggression, fear of strangers due to severe abuse, car guarding, fear of cars after accident, and depression. Even cats who are afraid of the dog!"


In 1997 Patty collapsed. Her own serious health challenges left her bed-bound for many years, severely allergic, exhausted, and forced to sell a beloved homestead and luxury cruise business. Conventional medicine had few answers except medication that made her sicker, so she began a quest for relief. During the long journey back to health and wholeness, she explored many alternative modalities, even becoming certified in some because of their effectiveness.


What she does today with animals is cutting-edge energy healing, honed after many years of personal experience and with family. Her painful struggles opened the door to a wonderful journey, and a gift to the gentle souls of animals who cannot communicate their suffering. She decided to come out of the closet with her "woo-woo" stuff because...well, it works!!!  There is no placebo effect in animals!


The benefits:

  • Quick. Cases that previously required months of behavior modification protocols, or were resistant to treatment at all, can now experience relief in 1-5 sessions (average is 3-4). This saves time AND money.
  • Gentle and painless; touch is not necessary in most cases
  • Can be combined with any other treatment

Patty has even worked on cats in the household who were terrified of the dog, so her work is not limited to dogs.


" I don't know if it was your voodoo stuff or what, but the cat who hid upstairs under the bed is now coming down the stairs and making eye contact with Leo; it's unbelievable. Combined with the training, you have been such a help to us- thank you!!!



" I will never understand what you did with Boomer and certainly can't explain it but he is a changed dog. (Formerly very serious dog-dog aggression doing great bodily injury) Whatever you did to that dog has dramatically changed him for the better.  He is much happier and so well balanced and behaved that he is just a joy to be with.... just last week as the 2 of them were lying together Linda said to me “Did you ever in your wildest dreams think we would see them like this?” My father just arrived and was astonished. I tried to explain what you did, but really have no idea what or how you did it. But he wants you to cure his dog's extreme fears."



"Our training session was SO much more than I expected. We adopted our dog 4 months ago and he was still terrified of people, cars, sounds,  stairs, even going towards the garage door. Patty had to come to our house because he couldn't get in the car. Well, a day later, he was sitting calmly next to me in the car at the store. People coming to the  house remarked how surprised that he now approached them. This stuff is incredible. We did another session, and we realized that he was now going to the door that formerly terrified him."


"I signed up for leash walking lessons; we all noticed how much calmer she is- now I know why! I'm bringing the other dog now."


The energy healing is usually done in conjunction with Patty's regular training sessions.

It doesn't replace the need for basic training and some behavior modification, but sometimes you can only go so far with training; the dog still hates other dogs (for example). I'm willing to do the scientifically-based methods that involve operant conditioning, classical conditioning, positive reinforcement, etc., and very often do as a first step. But progress can be painstakingly slow in some cases. If you're open to trying something different that defies explanation, that just may help your loved dog, please contact me- this is my passion!!! It can even be done over the phone.


Emotions play a powerful role in shaping beliefs and behavior in all animals; it makes sense that clearing the troubling emotions can free the dog to act very differently.


Patty is a holisitic trainer, covering all bases for maximum success, After all, people need training, too, *smile*! After your initial session (Aggression Consult, Owner Training #101, or Separation Anxiety), energy healing sessions can be started, though sometimes it is included in the first session. No two cases are alike! Sometimes, I will *start* with the energy healing; e.g. when the animal is too stressed to begin any training.



$65/session- after initial private session ( or may even be included in first session). Call 231-439-0365 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to make an appointment.