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Registration forms
  • If you know which session is best for you, use our Online Scheduler by clicking here: (See Training Services for brief descriptions of all sessions)
  • Session start times are usually anytime between 12:15pm and 7pm, weekdays, with very limited Saturdays due to classes.

Using the Online Scheduler:

  • When you select a service (Owner Training #101, Aggression Consult, etc.) it will show you available START times. It automatically builds in how much time we need for the session, plus additional time.
  • If you want one of the Training Packages, ignore the pricing and just book your first private session; we'll take care of the discounted package price at your session.
  • If you have trouble finding a time, contact me. Sometimes if I move someone by 30-60 minutes it can open up a slot. In summer, you may need to wait a couple weeks- so sorry!!
  • If you have already met with me, and are now booking 2, 3, 4 or 6-session packages, just book Single Sessions and ignore the pricing.
  • Group Classes are booked directly with me.

    Email is preferred over phone calls- thanks!

    REGISTRATION FORMS- Required Before we meet

    • Click here for the dog history/registration form that you must complete before a session. I do prep work before we even meet, which is why I need this form at least by the night prior to our session. We may need to reschedule your session if I do not receive this paperwork. (If you prefer to print the form out and bring it, click here) This applies to all dogs, even aggressive ones that need the additional form below.
    • If you are registering for the Aggression Consultation, you must also click here to fill out and return the Aggression Screening Questionnaire BEFORE our meeting. If your dog has another serious behavior problem such as Separation Anxiety, or other problem not covered by the Questionnaire, please use the above form to describe. (If you prefer to print the form out and bring it, click here)
    • Before our appointment:
      • read the Clicker Training article (optional, but good introduction to this type of training)
      • Click here for what kind of treats to bring, and directions to the studio (or see below for Google Map)..
      • Be sure to return the required form(s).
      • Bring a hungry dog and be ready to relax, learn alot and have fun!'
      • Use a restroom if necessary
    • PAYMENT: All training sessions and packages are paid in full, at the end of the first session, and are non-refundable. Cash, check or credit cards accepted.