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Additional Services

What About Continued Training?

Just because you do the Single Session Model doesn't mean you can't see me again! Many people do some basic training and manners to continue what they learned in the first session or Puppy Class. Or they want help with one specific behavior, like leash-walking downtown or coming when called outside, or continuing help with a separation anxiety case. Since you and your dog are individuals, I don’t do “cookie-cutter” sessions, so I can’t tell you exactly what we’ll cover, but we get ALOT done in a short time!

After a few sessions, you’ll have a dog who at least has basic self-control and good manners, as well as several behaviors that most owners want. I can help you decide which package would suit you and your dog best, based on your goals and your dog's learning style.

Training packages represent a discount off the per-session rate. Payment is at the end of first session and is non-refundable.

  • 2- session package is $120, to be completed within 1 month
  • 4-session Basic Training & Manners Course is $235, to be completed within 2 months *Better Value*
  • 6-session Expanded Basic Course is $375, to be completed within 3 months *Best Value*
  • 3-session Basic Training & Manners Course  (3-80 minute lessons) is $270 to be completed in 2 months (this is ideal for multiple dogs, those traveling from a distance, or large families to give everyone a chance to learn, etc.) *Better Value*
  • Home visits are $1/1 minute for gas and time. So if you live in Harbor Springs and it takes me 20 minutes each way, the home visit fee is $40. Sessions held downtown or at waterfront (for practicing leash-walking, greeting behaviors, etc.) - no extra charge. Many people like the convenience of me coming to their home and in some cases, it's necessary to solve the problem.
  • Head halter fitting and mini-leash walking session: $50 (includes a Gentle Leader, Halti, or Easy Walk Harness; add $10 for the new Deluxe Gentle Leader which also includes a leash- padded and with cute designs). So many of my clients refer their friends who are impressed by the instant relief from pulling that these management tools provide. In my opinion, they should never be purchased off the shelf; the fitting needs to be precise, slow and gentle for the dog, and the dog owner needs to learn how to use it. This is a 20-30 minute session where I fit your dog, go through the temper tantrum that most dogs have at first (so you don't have to!) and  basic leash walking instructions. (Note: I've seen these sold for $40 locally without the fitting or leash-walking lesson- just the equipment itself!) See the brief video at the bottom of the page about Gentle Leaders.
  • Single session is $65 (50 minutes); 80 minutes is $100. This is perfect for perfect for people who prefer to go session-by-session to work on one or two behaviors, or for the emotional clearing work. Every single session is customized to YOU!

"My daughter wants to know if you are Anne Sullivan as she and her friends think Razz is Helen Keller before the "miracle worker" took over :-)  Thanks again for all the help with him, and driving out to the Lodge"

D.K., Lovell


Drive-through Training™ - prices same as above

Too busy for training? Due to popular demand, I am now offering "Drive-through Training" where you drop the dog off for me to train while you run your errands OR I come to your home or office and work with your dog.  Come for the last 10 minutes of the  session to see what we learned, or just receive a written write-up of the session. (Owner Training 101 required first). This is extremely popular because I train your dog, then I train you to take over; I'm not training both of you at the same time. It's SO much easier if the dog already knows what is expected, especially in aggression and reactivity issues. It's best to do 3-4 times a week for consistency.

We are SO busy in the summer and thought we'd have to put off Daisy's training til September. Having you come right to our store and take her for leash-walking sessions not only helped her improve tremendously around other dogs, but helped us, too. What a great idea!

M.M., Petoskey