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Welcome to Northwoods Dog Training



 Please note: I will not be accepting new clients  until further notice- too busy with my travel business! However, I am still doing very limited in-home boarding and day care.



Dog or Puppy Problems?

  • Bear just won't listen. We tell him what to do, but he ignores us.
  • My dog is out of control- jumping on people, stealing things around the house, won't come when called, destroying things- help!
  • King growls when I try to get him off the furniture, or take his food away.
  • Mick is extremely anxious in the car.
  • We'll be away for a week, can you train Lucy instead of her going to a kennel?
  • I don't even want to take walks anymore; Sassy won't stop pulling or lunging at other dogs.
  • Chloe is aggressive; she just bit my husband.
  • My vet told me a year ago to see you; I should have listened as now he has bitten my husband several times.
  • The puppy won't stop nipping the kids, and it hurts!
  • We just adopted this dog from the shelter, and he has "fear issues".
  • I just want a polite, well-mannered dog- not this lunatic!
  • I just got a puppy and want to train her, but the vet said I have to wait for all her shots.
  • Missy thinks she's human, so I've spoiled her. Now she's pushy, snappy, and barks at everything.

Whether you have these or other problems with your dog, or just want some basic training and manners, help is on the way!


For information about how to start and select the best training session for YOU, go to Training Services. You may also call the Petoskey office 231-439-0365 or email.


I recommend emailing rather than calling for quickest response, though I am happy to speak with you if you leave a good time to call. I check phone messages once a day but email several times/day.


If you already know which service you want and are ready to book your appointment, use the convenient online scheduler : .





You may have heard the rumors about me back in the travel business. I am semi-retiring from training after 10+ years AND am pursuing another passion: small ship travel. I was in the cruise biz long before becoming a dog trainer and missed it! If you are thinking of a cruise or tour anywhere in the world- small adventure expedition vessel, ocean liner, river cruise (very popular now), large ship, or tour, contact me . Leave the research & details to me: exceptional service, internet prices. 




See our Training Studio below:


Puppy class Graduation- everyone passed!



"Our friends told us about your classes and highly recommended them, but they forgot to say how much fun they are! We learned so much! Thanks, we'll be registering for the next level, and maybe this former monster can even be a therapy dog, thanks to you- what a change!!" R.S. Levering


"We learned SO much in class- I only wish we had met you sooner! Our dog gained so much confidence and learned so many new skills (so did we!). It was the high point of the week. Can't wait for Level 2. Love your training style, BTW." K.F, Boyne Falls



Our beautiful Training Studio- come and relax!